Written Tragedy - V.O.X

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I’m sitting here in the middle of the night
With a whisky bottle, candle light
Still a burning cigarette on the full ashtray

Pain over pain, wrong decision made
No chance to get back
Maybe everything is trying to mess around with me

Waking up every morning never seems so hard as today
I’ve been everywhere in my nightmare
Got sympathy? I need some
Peace of my mind, I need more

I wanna be the one that meant for you
I wanna be the one you can’t leave behind
I’m always by your side
I guess you’ll never give me a chance
And I’ll never again see you dance
I’m outta your league since you found out your own happiness

How does it feel when you know someday
This will happen to you, while you just can’t
Never expect such tragedy

Have you ever thought of my emotion when I saw you walking next to him
I was torn into pieces. I surrendered!
When you’re having fun, hope you wish I were there
Someone please embrace me, or let me drown.

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